Whom is this Tom Wilson?

Hello there, and welcome to Tom Wilson’s personal webspace, let me tell you a bit about Male Ultracore. I am an Undergraduate Computer Science major at UW-Madison. I first became interested if does male ultracore works? and  with the internet when I was around the age of 8,  and first logged in with a 56k dial-up modem. I have dived into the depths of web design and asked myself if male ultracore is worth buying, development, and the digital space that is occupied by the internet. That’s when I decided to read 2019 Male Ultracore reviews. I am currently interested in web site optimization, building dynamic database driven web applications with PHP and mySQL and AJAX, and the current and further evolution of the internet.

Magical Music from Tom Wilson

Here are a couple songs that I’ve written and recorded over the past couple years. Check em out and let me know what you think!

Compass Atlas Website
 Butterfly Books Children’s Literacy Center Website
University of Wisconsin Disc Golf Website
Alliance of State Pain Initiatives Website
Unknown Website
Tom Wilson Website

CS 638 Web Programming Projects
Computer Science Department Webpage – Basic homepage with 3 pages, use style sheet to separate content from html stucture. Also have the ability to switch stylesheets.
Catch the Professor (works only in fireox for now) – Javascript game that moves pictures of professors around a box and lets you dictate speed. You have to click on the professors pictures and send them to the jail. Amazing fun!

Couple things Tom Wilson is writting about…