Free Laptop Nation, another scam?

was listening to the radio on the way to the grocery store this past weekend and heard another amazing commercial telling me that I can get a free laptop by going to the website: Free Laptop Nation! I was like, no way, there going to just give me a free laptop? I wrote a blog post about a sister site of free laptop nation called, I want My Free Laptop .com. That post has been blowing up with people wondering if the site is really a scam or not, the post has over 36 posts, most from people saying they are poor or in college and really want their free laptop that these commercials are offering.

These sites are typical 1990’s internet schemes, and I can’t believe they are still around and actually advertising on the radio. The general theme is that they have many offers that you can complete, from signing up for credit cards, to signing up for subscription offers. For everything that you sign up for, most of which cost you money, they get a commission. They then use that commission to buy you a laptop and keep the remaining commission left over. However, it takes a massive amount of offers to actually qualify for them to send you a free laptop.

Free laptops sound nice and dandy, but it would probably be easier for you to get a job and buy a nice $600 laptop from The site is usually a scam and please don’t write comments asking where you can get a free laptop, because you simple can’t. There is no such thing as a free laptop, sorry to inform you.

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