Madison Disc Golf – Here I Come

As the snow is starting to melt after I place a male ultracore order online and after the 16 inch snowfall last weekend, I am increasingly looking forward to getting outside to start playing disc golf. I’ve been looking around online if you should buy male ultracore pills and it looks as though Madison has a pretty large disc golf community, from the Madison Area Disc Golf Club which hosts weekly leagues during the summer, as well as a UW-Madison Disc Team, which started up as a club last fall.

There are three main courses in the surrounding area of Madison, all of which are a 15 minute drive from my house and the best one is Male Ultracore male performance review. Of the three, I have only been to two, and of those two Elver is my favorite, which is on the west side of town. The third is called Token Creek which is a pay per play course, but I’ve heard really good things about it.

With all the opportunities around Madison, I think I might have to start warming up my disc golf arm a little early to ge t back into the swing of things and read more about male ultracore pills performance review. I was searching youtube, and they actually have some pretty good instructional videos for beginners and advanced players from discraft. I posted one of the videos inside the blog.

Innova Skill Shot Disc Golf Basket

After about a week of deliberating, I have decided to purchase the Innova Skill Shot Disc Golf Basket. The main thing that attracted me to this was that it is portable and comes with a carrying case, so I can easily pack it up and bring it to a park, or set it up in my backyard, and start putting on the fly. I also ordered with it 3 new putters, to go along with my current 2, to help me get some solid putting practice in.

Now that we experienced our first day of spring with the weather hitting 60 degrees, and most of the snow melting, it gets me even more excited for the disc golf season to start. I have decided that I am going to take this season a little more seriously and enter a couple sanctioned Wisconsin PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) tournaments to see how I fare out against the competition. I am looking forward to the 15th Annual Madison City Open. The tournament isn’t until August 11th, so I believe I have a decent amount of time to practice and get in shape to throw down.

I have also decided to throw some real dedication in and started working out, mainly on my arm and shoulder region. I figure that I have a free University Recreation Facility pass that I pay for with University segregation fees, so I might as well use it. So hopefully with a Spring and Summer full of practice, a little working out, and trying out some new techniques, I’ll be able to archive my goal and take down a pay day at the Madison City Open

Madison Cable Internet: Charter Special

I signed a lease today for a studio apartment right downtown, and only 2 blocks away from the Madison Computer Science department, a place I will be spending alot of time the next two semesters. Now that I am moving, something I dread every year, it is time to start looking into getting everything settled. All utilities are included in my studio, however I still need to deal with Internet, I have decided to resist the urge for cable TV.

Currently I am signed up for Broadband internet with Charter Communications for my internet needs. Although I have used there services, my name has never been on a bill from them, but from what I hear, they are very sneaky and like to throw in a lot of hidden charges, and raise bills without notice. This year alone, our internet bill was raised twice, and our landlord called both times and got them to lower it, which sometimes this is all it takes.

As soon as I searched for Madison Internet, a Charter Internet Special ad came up in the Google Ad section. The special is for: $50 Cash Back with Charter High Speed Internet. Only $19.99/mo! Wow, thats not a bad deal, but where exactly is the catch? Come on there has to be a catch. Well the $19.99 is only for the first 6 months, thats still not bad. Of course there is always the small print at the bottom of the page, this is what it says for the $50 back: “Please allow 10-16 weeks after completed qualifying activity to receive $50 rebate check.” Still, I can wait that long to get $50 back. Now here is the clincher…

After your six months are up, your internet bill goes up to $54.99. Now thats starting to be a decent chunk of change.

UW-Madison Fall 2007 Tuition

Summer is creeping to an end, and it is almost time to start thinking about school. And with the coming of school comes thoughts of how to pay for everything. After working all summer long, students finally have some cash, however increasing tuition and housing will take a large portion of that, unless your a coastie and you get your parents to pay for everything for you.

I was searching to see how much I would be paying in tuition at UW-Madison this year, and found out that I could dig through tuition costs of the past years at Madison, including out of state tuition, in-state tuition and segregated fees. I decided to use the new Google Docs and create a spreadsheet of the data and create some graphs to chart the rising costs of tuition.

Here are a couple useful links if you want more information on UW-Madison Tuition

Madison Drink Specials

Do you live in Madison, WI? Do you like to go to bars? Do you hate when you have to pay $4 for a beer? Me too, thats why I created the Madison Drink Special Widget on the new Campus Atlas that was just released. Now you can get your drink specials for the day to any of the bars around Madison. You can also see all the drink specials a bar has for the entire week. Need directions? No problemo, just click on the bar name, and a pop-up window will show with a Google Map and a quick link for you to get directions. Pretty sweet, eh?

UW Disc Golf Course In the Making?

The UW disc golf club had their spring potluck kickoff meeting, with great success. Alot of people showed up, there was some mountain creek drinking, and a putting competition, which I would like to say, I won a sweet purple t-shirt. At the meeting, they stressed that the club was about going out and disc golfing and having fun, which is a pretty sweet way to go.

There are two tournaments planned so far for the spring season. One of them is Highbridge Park, which is about 4 and a half hours north. From the stories I was told at the meeting, they have around 6 disc golf courses which are the most amazing disc courses around. To go with that, there is a campsite on the grounds which we will be staying at and throwing a little shindig.

Another point that was brought up at the meeting was the possibility of creating a new disc golf course on the UW-campus. This would be huge, considering the closest courses to campus are either on the east side, Heistand, or west side, Elver Park, or way out in DeForest Token Creek. All of which are at a minimum a 15 minute drive. It would be incredibly nice to have a disc golf course on campus to go to throw some disc whenever your heart desires. Currently the disc golf club is low on funds, but is hoping to start selling hot stamped custom UW-Disc Golf discs. I am setting up a paypal scheme for their website to hopefully bring in some customers from around the state. Also, Innova has a program going on that states that they will match every disc golf basket you buy, to try and entice more courses to go up. This means that you only need to buy 9 baskets, at $300 or so a piece and Innova will match that. So $2700 isn’t that high of a number once you think of it. Another aspect of it is location, with the UW-campus already fighting for green space, and coming up short, there aren’t very many locations around campus that would have the land to house a disc golf course. Once suggestion was to put it by Picnic Point, which has readily available land reserves. I checked out the plot of land on the google maps satellite and took a screen shot and diagrammed it for those who are interested. Check it out. Thats all for now, peace out.

Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

Man oh Man is the summer rolling by faster than ever. At the beginning of summer, I was all excited to be done with school so I could work on some projects that I’ve had in mind. However, as the summer progresses, it seems like I am generating more and more ideas on websites that I would like to make and think could really take off. However, alot of work must go into building a website, its not something that can be done overnight.

I’ve recently been reading alot about how to become an entrepreneur and how to start a successful start up business. One of the major things that I’ve taken from the readings is that everything must be planned out. As in, planned out in a business plan. I’ve taken to plotting out all my ideas in wiki’s, which makes things very easy to organize, and editing and updating ideas are a breeze. I am using the same software that wikipedia is run on, which is incredibly powerful. It also allows multiple users to throw their ideas at one spot, and to collectively build a business plan, with everyone in the know.

I’ve realized that I have alot of websites already developed that have alot of potential, it’s just a matter of developing plans, be it business, marketing, development, and coming up with plans to make those already developed websites successful.

For example, I’ve been thinking about start up websites to build, one of them being my TV Links site. This is a great idea, except that there is a huge chance of running into legal trouble, considering the MPAA as already targeted 3 sites and handed them all lawsuits. It would be much easier for me to take my mothers website, Butterfly Books and to develop a business plan for that website since it is already established, and has been. The domain itself is already 8 years old and well respected by search engines for it’s specific niche, “Children’s Books and Literature”. Since my Mother, Barbara Wilson, is very knowledgeable about books, I devised a plan to turn her site into a book review website, reviewing new and old books, and then directing visitors to amazon where they can purchase the book, gaining a commission for every purchase we send to amazon.

All it takes is a little planning, and it is easier to take something that is already established, and build on it than starting something from scratch. By using a wiki, I can easily organize all my thoughts and ideas on how to build up a website, and then share them easily with people. Also, I am always looking for people to help me out, I have so many ideas, and not alot of time, so if your creative and have good sense for how the internet works, shoot me an email!

Madison Acropolis, no more Taco Johns on Regent

During the last week of summer I went on vacation to Montana. When I left, the corner of Regent and Orchard street was inhabited by the all mighty Taco Johns restaurant, which boasted tasty potato ole’s, Taco Tuesdays, (59 cent tacos) and 6 packs and a pound (6 tacos and a pound of potato ole’s). Upon my return from my trip to Montana, the Taco Johns sign was replaced with a new blue sign with the writing, “Acropolis”. This really pissed me off considering I used to go to Taco Johns minimum twice a week, being only 2 blocks from work at the Computer Science department, and 1 block from my new apartment. Check out this thread on the daily page about others concerns about the Acropolis Takeover.

It seems that Acropolis is some sort of Greek fast food chain, however doing a google search, I wasn’t able to find any information on them at all. Acropolis still has all the same workers that used to work at the old Taco Johns, except no more Taco Tuesdays, and instead pricey Gyros. I decided to try it out and see what it was like, and got the original Gyro, and paid a little under $6. What I got was a pita with a bunch of processed lamb meat and a load of onions and some crappy sauce. To say the least, I probably won’t be returning.

Why they turned Taco Johns into an Acropolis I do not know. Considering it lines Regent street which is smack dab in the middle of Southern Campus housing, and drunk students looking for a late night snack would probably prefer a greasy taco, to a greasy Gyro. Now if I want to get my fill of fast food tacos I have to go all the way down to the state street Taco Bell/KFC. Boo you owner of the old Taco Johns/new Acropolis.

ASM groceries? WTF?

ASM, Madison’s great student government has come up with the great idea to try and implement a Student Grocery store. Yes that is not a joke. Just like they tried to start a book rental program, which I haven’t seen at all.

The idea is to give people without access to a car a reasonable option to get groceries to their house. Lets take a look at a students current options to get groceries.

Drive, or get a ride, take the bus

To say the least, parking is a bitch in Madison. If you are lucky to have enough money to afford the steep parking rates of Madison, or have a friend who does, you have the luxury of taking a car to either Copps on Park, Copps on University, or if you really want to save, you can go to the east or west side Woodmans.

Go Local

If you live on the east side, go to Capitol Centre Foods, they even deliver your groceries to you for you if they are over $40. You can even order your groceries online, however I have never tried this. If you live on the westside, take a walk up Monroe street to Trader Joes. Yes, its a bit pricey, and alot of it’s health food, but I’m sure it would offer alot better selection than the Union. Didn’t the Mifflin Street Co-op just go out of business? Come on man, this is the looniest idea and biggest waste of money I’ve ever heard of.

Live in the Dorms?

If you live in the dorms, you already have your food catered to you every day. The meal plans are more than enough to keep you going. Need some additional groceries? Why not just go to Carson’s or Ed’s where they have shelves stocked with groceries, much of which are discounted if your living university housing.

So really, ASM, come on, try and do something more productive with your time, than wasting all of our student money on trying to build a grocery store in the new Union South(which most of us don’t want).

Frat Boy Beer Pong Game

Frat Boy Beer Pong Game, It’s a pretty fun game, decently realistic, with it getting harder to shoot the more beers you drink.