Word Of Mouth Trio at the Rathskeller in Memorial Union

Word of Mouth Trio played at the Rathskeller inside the Memorial Union on Friday the 23rd. I brought along my trusty digital camera and got some footage of one of the songs. Their set consisted of some originals which can be found on their myspace page, and alot of blues covers. Their lead guitarist is Matt O’grady, whom is a guitar virtuoso who reigns for my hometown of Green Bay and went to high school with me. Sorry for the shakiness of the video, hope you enjoy!

Autumn Leaves on the Juno-G

This is a video of me playing Autumn Leaves on my keyboard, the Juno-G. It’s nothing great and I screw up a bit still, but most of it is improvised.

Sesame Street Pinball

I stumbled upon this pretty sweet video of a Sesame Street counting video. I really like the funky jazz going on, I’m pretty sure that the keyboard in the back ground is a Wurlitzer. It’s got some pretty sweet improvisations in it too, just reliving the glory day’s of watching Sesame Street, hope you enjoy it too!

Tom and Time – John Scofield A Go Go cover

This is an amazing video of me, Tom Wilson and Tim Revelle playing a cover of John Scofield’s A Go Go. We screw up a couple of times, but not too shabby for throwing the song together in about an hour.

Tom Wilson – ED Jammer on the Juno-G

This is a video of the Tom Wilson ED jammer on the Juno-G. Its just me screwing around on a jam in E-minor that goes to D and loops around. I can play the bass line with the left hand, so the right hand does all the jammin’. There are a few mistakes, and I’m trying to come up with parts to make this a complete song with other parts added to it and possibly some lyrics. I know I know, your blown out of your chair because it’s so amazing!