All Online Games – Alluc for Games – allonga org has been working on some side projects as of lately. Their most recent being “All Online Games” or the hyperlink is which was launched today, Monday September 10th, 2007.

From the looks it it, the new All Online Games site is using the same content management software that is used to house all the Alluc links. They are already boasting a database of over 17,000 links, quite impressive, however the main distinction between and is that all the links to are not illegal, and don’t ride along the lines of linking to illegal content, but more on the links of linking to poplar games that can be found at legitimate sites.

If you house an online gaming website, I would seriously recommend uploading your entire database of games to the site, to help deliver quality traffic to your site, and to build up links. I think the deciding factor for this site that will make it successful is extremely active userbase if that will be visiting this site frequently.

This is All Online Games’s description they have up on their homepage at the moment, with spelling mistakes corrected 😉

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