ASM groceries? WTF?

ASM, Madison’s great student government has come up with the great idea to try and implement a Student Grocery store. Yes that is not a joke. Just like they tried to start a book rental program, which I haven’t seen at all.

The idea is to give people without access to a car a reasonable option to get groceries to their house. Lets take a look at a students current options to get groceries.

Drive, or get a ride, take the bus

To say the least, parking is a bitch in Madison. If you are lucky to have enough money to afford the steep parking rates of Madison, or have a friend who does, you have the luxury of taking a car to either Copps on Park, Copps on University, or if you really want to save, you can go to the east or west side Woodmans.

Go Local

If you live on the east side, go to Capitol Centre Foods, they even deliver your groceries to you for you if they are over $40. You can even order your groceries online, however I have never tried this. If you live on the westside, take a walk up Monroe street to Trader Joes. Yes, its a bit pricey, and alot of it’s health food, but I’m sure it would offer alot better selection than the Union. Didn’t the Mifflin Street Co-op just go out of business? Come on man, this is the looniest idea and biggest waste of money I’ve ever heard of.

Live in the Dorms?

If you live in the dorms, you already have your food catered to you every day. The meal plans are more than enough to keep you going. Need some additional groceries? Why not just go to Carson’s or Ed’s where they have shelves stocked with groceries, much of which are discounted if your living university housing.

So really, ASM, come on, try and do something more productive with your time, than wasting all of our student money on trying to build a grocery store in the new Union South(which most of us don’t want).

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