Ben Hans Jazz Trio on The Terrace

The Ben Hans Jazz Trio played on the Memorial Union Terrace on April 27th, 2007. The crowd ranged from students just getting done with school and relaxing on a Friday after class, to older jazz enthusiasts just getting done with work. The weather was amazingly sunny, and the vibraphone player was laying down some really awesome licks. At first when I saw that the trio only consisted of Ben Hans on drums, a bass player and a vibraphonist, I thought that I would be easily bored right away, but all the musicians showed great talent and really got into the music and trio seemed like they really worked together well. Most of the songs featured the vibraphonist playing melodies and then having each band member taking a turn at improvising. All of the melodies were very catchy, and the sound of the vibraphone mixed with the beautiful weather and being able to sit outside and listen to amazing jazz was a great feeling.

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