El Clan Destino at Overture After Work

El Clan Destino played at Overture After Work, which is a Thursday get together from 5-7 with happy hour and Capital Island Wheats on tap for $2. El Clan Destino is comprised of 4 musicians, two percussionists, Jamie Ryan on conjas, Francisco Martinez on drums, bass player Nickolas Moran, and Vincent Fuh on the keyboard. They played mostly latin funky jazz, which sets the state for prime dance music. Although most of the crowd consisted of old people, there were a couple brave souls that got up and did some dancing.

There was a very good combination of slow songs, and very upbeat intense improvising rhythms. It seemed like all the members of the group were really into Latin jazz and knew what they were doing. They were all great musicians and their styles seemed to blend very well together. The I really enjoyed the two percussionists working together, one on the conjas and the other on a steel drum with lots of cow bell. While listening, I tried to pick out different clave’s, and I could never figure the obscure time signatures they were in, but it was usually never 4/4.

The piano player was nothing short of amazing. His fingers would fly up and down the keyboard in intricate rhythms that I could barley keep up with, and I was just listening. I haven’t listened to very much Latin jazz, so this concert was a real treat to experience something new and different. There wasn’t too much singing, but there was a lot of melodic chanting that went on during some songs that gave some songs a more oriental sound.

Overall, I was really amazed at how good El Clan Destiono was, I have been wanting to check them out at the King’s Club, but my girlfriend is not yet the age of 21, so I shall have to wait another month to see them.

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