Innova Skill Shot Disc Golf Basket

After about a week of deliberating, I have decided to purchase the Innova Skill Shot Disc Golf Basket. The main thing that attracted me to this was that it is portable and comes with a carrying case, so I can easily pack it up and bring it to a park, or set it up in my backyard, and start putting on the fly. I also ordered with it 3 new putters, to go along with my current 2, to help me get some solid putting practice in.

Now that we experienced our first day of spring with the weather hitting 60 degrees, and most of the snow melting, it gets me even more excited for the disc golf season to start. I have decided that I am going to take this season a little more seriously and enter a couple sanctioned Wisconsin PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) tournaments to see how I fare out against the competition. I am looking forward to the 15th Annual Madison City Open. The tournament isn’t until August 11th, so I believe I have a decent amount of time to practice and get in shape to throw down.

I have also decided to throw some real dedication in and started working out, mainly on my arm and shoulder region. I figure that I have a free University Recreation Facility pass that I pay for with University segregation fees, so I might as well use it. So hopefully with a Spring and Summer full of practice, a little working out, and trying out some new techniques, I’ll be able to archive my goal and take down a pay day at the Madison City Open

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