Madison Cable Internet: Charter Special

I signed a lease today for a studio apartment right downtown, and only 2 blocks away from the Madison Computer Science department, a place I will be spending alot of time the next two semesters. Now that I am moving, something I dread every year, it is time to start looking into getting everything settled. All utilities are included in my studio, however I still need to deal with Internet, I have decided to resist the urge for cable TV.

Currently I am signed up for Broadband internet with Charter Communications for my internet needs. Although I have used there services, my name has never been on a bill from them, but from what I hear, they are very sneaky and like to throw in a lot of hidden charges, and raise bills without notice. This year alone, our internet bill was raised twice, and our landlord called both times and got them to lower it, which sometimes this is all it takes.

As soon as I searched for Madison Internet, a Charter Internet Special ad came up in the Google Ad section. The special is for: $50 Cash Back with Charter High Speed Internet. Only $19.99/mo! Wow, thats not a bad deal, but where exactly is the catch? Come on there has to be a catch. Well the $19.99 is only for the first 6 months, thats still not bad. Of course there is always the small print at the bottom of the page, this is what it says for the $50 back: “Please allow 10-16 weeks after completed qualifying activity to receive $50 rebate check.” Still, I can wait that long to get $50 back. Now here is the clincher…

After your six months are up, your internet bill goes up to $54.99. Now thats starting to be a decent chunk of change.

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