Madison Disc Golf – Here I Come

As the snow is starting to melt after the 16 inch snowfall last weekend, I am increasingly looking forward to getting outside to start playing disc golf. I’ve been looking around online and it looks as though Madison has a pretty large disc golf community, from the Madison Area Disc Golf Club which hosts weekly leagues during the summer, as well as a UW-Madison Disc Team, which started up as a club last fall.

There are three main courses in the surrounding area of Madison, all of which are a 15 minute drive from my house. Of the three, I have only been to two, and of those two Elver is my favorite, which is on the west side of town. The third is called Token Creek which is a pay per play course, but I’ve heard really good things about it.

With all the opportunities around Madison, I think I might have to start warming up my disc golf arm a little early to ge t back into the swing of things. I was searching youtube, and they actually have some pretty good instructional videos for beginners and advanced players from discraft. I posted one of the videos inside the blog.

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