The Campus Atlas

After 4 month is work, I am ready to unveil my next creation, which is called by the name of “The Campus Atlas”. The Campus Atlas is a new website based in the heart of the UW-Madison Campus that delivers UW-Madison College Students useful information about the surrounding campus by listing featured restaurants, and hot links to around campus and the web.

Some cool features include Google Web, Local and Video search. Searching the entire amazon product catalog base, searching Madison’s Craigslist, and having a wikipedia search. Besides searching the web through Campus Atlas, you can also do Professor Ratings search’s from Rate My Professor .com , hot links to around campus and the web, a database of embedded flash games, a news feed reader to many popular Madison newspapers and blogs, and drink specials for bars around Madison. Yes, now you can see why this project has taken me 4 months.

We are plugged into the Google Repository and are using their API extensively to deliver you Google Maps, YouTube videos embedded in the site, Local Resturaunt Searches, visual displaying of featured business’s with quick links to get directions, and you can also do google web searches without even leaving the page! Whew, thats some gnarly stuff right there.

One thing that sets Campus Atlas apart from everything else is it uses AJAX technology, which loads new content onto the page without a page reload, thus saving the end user alot of time, from the already huge amount of time their saving by having everything brought to them in one spot.

Even if you don’t live in Madison, you can still check the local weather, get quick links to e-mail, and search the world wide web, all through The Campus Atlas. So be sure to click the house icon at the top and set Campus Atlas as your homepage!

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