Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

Man oh Man is the summer rolling by faster than ever. At the beginning of summer, I was all excited to be done with school so I could work on some projects that I’ve had in mind. However, as the summer progresses, it seems like I am generating more and more ideas on websites that I would like to make and think could really take off. However, alot of work must go into building a website, its not something that can be done overnight.

I’ve recently been reading alot about how to become an entrepreneur and how to start a successful start up business. One of the major things that I’ve taken from the readings is that everything must be planned out. As in, planned out in a business plan. I’ve taken to plotting out all my ideas in wiki’s, which makes things very easy to organize, and editing and updating ideas are a breeze. I am using the same software that wikipedia is run on, which is incredibly powerful. It also allows multiple users to throw their ideas at one spot, and to collectively build a business plan, with everyone in the know.

I’ve realized that I have alot of websites already developed that have alot of potential, it’s just a matter of developing plans, be it business, marketing, development, and coming up with plans to make those already developed websites successful.

For example, I’ve been thinking about start up websites to build, one of them being my TV Links site. This is a great idea, except that there is a huge chance of running into legal trouble, considering the MPAA as already targeted 3 sites and handed them all lawsuits. It would be much easier for me to take my mothers website, Butterfly Books and to develop a business plan for that website since it is already established, and has been. The domain itself is already 8 years old and well respected by search engines for it’s specific niche, “Children’s Books and Literature”. Since my Mother, Barbara Wilson, is very knowledgeable about books, I devised a plan to turn her site into a book review website, reviewing new and old books, and then directing visitors to amazon where they can purchase the book, gaining a commission for every purchase we send to amazon.

All it takes is a little planning, and it is easier to take something that is already established, and build on it than starting something from scratch. By using a wiki, I can easily organize all my thoughts and ideas on how to build up a website, and then share them easily with people. Also, I am always looking for people to help me out, I have so many ideas, and not alot of time, so if your creative and have good sense for how the internet works, shoot me an email!

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