UW Disc Golf Course In the Making?

The UW disc golf club had their spring potluck kickoff meeting, with great success. Alot of people showed up, there was some mountain creek drinking, and a putting competition, which I would like to say, I won a sweet purple t-shirt. At the meeting, they stressed that the club was about going out and disc golfing and having fun, which is a pretty sweet way to go.

There are two tournaments planned so far for the spring season. One of them is Highbridge Park, which is about 4 and a half hours north. From the stories I was told at the meeting, they have around 6 disc golf courses which are the most amazing disc courses around. To go with that, there is a campsite on the grounds which we will be staying at and throwing a little shindig.

Another point that was brought up at the meeting was the possibility of creating a new disc golf course on the UW-campus. This would be huge, considering the closest courses to campus are either on the east side, Heistand, or west side, Elver Park, or way out in DeForest Token Creek. All of which are at a minimum a 15 minute drive. It would be incredibly nice to have a disc golf course on campus to go to throw some disc whenever your heart desires. Currently the disc golf club is low on funds, but is hoping to start selling hot stamped custom UW-Disc Golf discs. I am setting up a paypal scheme for their website to hopefully bring in some customers from around the state. Also, Innova has a program going on that states that they will match every disc golf basket you buy, to try and entice more courses to go up. This means that you only need to buy 9 baskets, at $300 or so a piece and Innova will match that. So $2700 isn’t that high of a number once you think of it. Another aspect of it is location, with the UW-campus already fighting for green space, and coming up short, there aren’t very many locations around campus that would have the land to house a disc golf course. Once suggestion was to put it by Picnic Point, which has readily available land reserves. I checked out the plot of land on the google maps satellite and took a screen shot and diagrammed it for those who are interested. Check it out. Thats all for now, peace out.

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