UW Madison 2007 Season Football Tickets become pricey

My father informed me that I received my UW Madison Season Football Tickets in the mail. I checked over on Exchange Hut, UW student’s largest ticket exchange website, and found out that a Fall 2007 set of Upperclass Student Season Tickets were recently sold for $550, Yikes!

The large price on season tickets are partly due to an e-mail glitch the UW Athletic Department made. Of their entire list of students to send e-mail to, they only sent out an e-mails to 20% of the student body informing students that tickets would go on sale the upcoming week. When tickets went on sale, they sold out in 3 days, and many hardcore fans were never informed that they went on sale. That sucks. So now there are a bunch of students who have season football tickets, but would rather sell them to hardcore fans that really want to be at the game.

I’ve also checked out criagslist where it seems the set price is hovering around $450-$550. With 7 home games, this puts an individual ticket price at $78. In my opinion, this is way too much money. With a student body of around 40,000+ and only around 10,000 student tickets, and many freshmen that missed out on the ticket lottery, this has spurred a huge increase in ticket prices, talk to an economics major if you want to get into the nitty gritty of the supply and demand curve.

My advice is to wait it out, there are many people throwing out ridiculous prices right now just to hype it up. There is plenty of supply, and even though there is alot of demand, it will die down, especially if the badgers have an off season. I also suggest to buy tickets individually, many times friends go away for the weekend, especially since there are four home games in a row.

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