UW-Madison Fall 2007 Tuition

Summer is creeping to an end, and it is almost time to start thinking about school. And with the coming of school comes thoughts of how to pay for everything. After working all summer long, students finally have some cash, however increasing tuition and housing will take a large portion of that, unless your a coastie and you get your parents to pay for everything for you.

I was searching to see how much I would be paying in tuition at UW-Madison this year, and found out that I could dig through tuition costs of the past years at Madison, including out of state tuition, in-state tuition and segregated fees. I decided to use the new Google Docs and create a spreadsheet of the data and create some graphs to chart the rising costs of tuition.

Here are a couple useful links if you want more information on UW-Madison Tuition

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