Want Your TV Links?

Your Tv Link is another TV Links site. When I went to visit the site though, about 2 seconds after it loaded, a full size pop up ad jumped out at me. I tried to press the skip ad button, but the ad kept reappearing and wouldn’t let me load the site. Now, however, Your TV Links has gotten a recent upgrade. Compared to the old site which housed links to pirated content around the web, now the site is in the form of a blog. Your TV Links now posts weird, funny and wacky videos that someone who wants to waste a couple hours of their life can sit and watch the minute long clips to give them a good chuckle.

Along the lines of watching funny video clips form sites like youtube and veoh, you can also rate a video, write a personal comment on what you think of it, and check out the most popular videos on the site. I’m going to predict more and more of these sites will start popping up. It looks like Your TV Links is using a software designed specifically as a video blog with all of the functionality pre-built into it.

From a business standpoint, this site is 10 times better than the previous one. Your TV Links is now posting around 10-20 new videos a day, which will definitely give your fill, and allow you to come back and see fresh hilariously new content. Enabling users to comment on videos, which there seem to be alot of comment coming in, allows search engines to pick up on all the comments and give each page higher ranking. It is also getting away from linking to pirated content, I don’t know if this is from pressure from a higher authority, or if it was just a wise business decision. Either way, the web just got a little nicer, and less piratey with the addition of Your TV Links!

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