The Campus Atlas Student Webpage
This is a student webpage that I hand programmed from scratch. It is run on PHP/MySQL and uses alot of AJAX to create a unique user experience where a user never has to reload the page to navagate the site. This was my first large project using AJAX and I learned an immense amount about manipulating html, css and javascript to create alot of cool effects.
Your looking at the great This site has been around for 3 years now and gives me a working environment to test and experiment with new web technologies. The site started out as a place for me to post random things about myself, then turned into a web design studio, and then into a personal blog as a way to help me learn PHP/MySQL. The site now consists of my personal blog, which I hand coded, which includes over 200 posts of me ranting and raving. The site has alot of traffic from search engines as it is highly search engine optimized, and I’m making the equivalent of a couple tacos a day through adsense. I end up spending about half of the time coding the blog software and half the time actually blogging.

UWDG – University of Wisconsin Disc Golf
A website to help promote the University of Wisconsin Disc Golf Club. Pretty basic setup, used mostly to post information about upcoming events and tournaments. Hopefully will have paypal set up soon so we can start to sell UW Badger Discs. Also want to add in some photo applications, probably something with flickr.

ASPI – Alliance of State Pain Initiatives
The main site for the Alliance of State Pain Initiatives. I made this site when I worked for them sophmore and junior year of college. I did a complete redesign of the site, and moved the site to be editable in Dreamweaver so that employees could easily update and edit the site

Butterfly Books Children’s Literacy Center
This is the 3rd version of the Butterfly Books website, a website for my mother’s Bookstore. The website itself has been around since 1998. First made in front page, then in dreamweaver, then I redid it once again once I learned PHP to add some cool stuff such as the calendar, and a backend content management system that revived me from continually doing updates for my mom.

AATSF – Augie and The Sandwich Factory
Website for one of my favorite bands. Although the band has since broken up, this was my first attempt at using flash to create an embeded video. I used their song, “Gypsy Moth” and tried to create animations form simple images. Also created a music player, as well as a cool navagation system.

ASPI’s 18th Annual Pain Meetring
Created this site while working for ASPI. It serves as a sub site of their current site, and gives information about their upcoming Pain Conference. Site was created through using Dreamweaver and templates.